I’m sorry, was that your car? Don’t fuck with me, I’m on a mother fucking bike! #imonamotherfuckingbike #bikeoc #hondasmash #bikesnotoil


Not at my ideal weight yet, but I’m still working at it.

It’s already the middle of the year, and after dedicating myself to a strict diet, starving myself of all the tasty delicious calories I’d typically consume on a daily basis for two months, I’ve dropped 4% in body fat and 22 lbs. compared to the beginning of the year. 

The past couple of months I had tried to remain on the same diet, with a bit more consumption due to the increased workouts, but I’ve been happy with my noticeable improves on the bike. Definitely lighter and faster on the bike, and I’ve got more energy throughout the day as well.

Though I’ve remained around the same weight the past month, fluctuating a few pounds here and there, I’m still not at my goal weight I had in mind for this year. So it’s time to step it up a notch, again!

Back on my juicing regimen, haven’t cut back as much as I did in January, but I feel I really need to again, so that’ll be in the works. Also, planning to continue to use MyFitnessPal and track my calories, use my Wahoo+ HR monitor and app for my workout efforts, continue my Tuesday and Thursday spin class, and keep riding harder and faster. 

I’m about 15 lbs. from getting under 200 lbs, which I haven’t been for about 10 years, but my goal before cyclocross season starts it to be at 195 lbs. and get my body fat under 20% (ideally to be 18%). Pushing myself harder on the bike won’t be the difficult part, it’ll be restricting my calorie intake, and doing all the workouts I hate doing at the gym, along with some running and the stair climbing into the mix.

Yep. The next few months are going to be a bitch, but now that I’m publicizing it, I better not get chintzy and wuss out. Make a plan, keep a plan! 


At Alex’s Bar last night for drinks and dancing. I forgot the name of the 60s music night. @danatron what’s it called? #60snight #danceparty #alexsbar #LBCfoo (at Alex’s Bar)


Rode through Whittier, where my butt looks prettier. Challenging climbs, but not very technical, lots of fire roads, and tons of foot traffic. So many people hiking, walking 4-5 across, and tagging up the water tower with sharpies. At least people were nice enough to move on the single tracks. Need to wash my Fantom soon. #whittier #turnbullcanyon #motobecane #cxbikes #bikeLA #dogpoopeverywhere #dirtyrides (at Turnbull Canyon Hiking Trails)


Quick after work ride through Santiago Oaks while blasting some drum and bass to scare all the locals. Lots of MTB’ers out today, got a few “hell yeahs” for riding my CX bike. #bikeoc #ridingdirt #cyclocross #cxbikes #motobecane #hashtag #hashbrowns (at Santiago Oaks (MTB))


Danae capturing the views of the Weins vineyards this past weekend. Going to have to make another trip to check out a few more wineries! :)


Got podium for being the top banana. Thanks for the support, @danatron! #teamjellybelly #bellyfullofjelly


Qualifiers at the Shortline Crit, moments before I wiped out and left some skin on Broadway on Long Beach. Video courtesy of my bro #michaelmatthews #wolfpackhustle #theshortlinecrit #bicykillers #organdonors #crashingsucks #holdyourline


Oh hi! Just another Wolfpack Hustle street crit. People be like “Yo! I’m a racer!” but don’t know how to take corners and hit your front wheel. You know how it goes. #wolfpackhustle #bicykillers #ouch #roadrash Need new bar tape and hoods. New BK kits?